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03-05-2008, 09:47 PM

I'm in need of some advice, suggestions or beta that anyone has from traveling around southeast Asia.

The main problem with my ideal trip, is how to obtain the proper visas for entry into China. Sounds easy enough, but here is an overview.

Around April 5th, ferry to Tianjin, China (1st entry).

Train southward to Yangshuo for climbing *yay* Spend about 20-30 days around the area climbing, biking, hiking, sleeping and relaxing. Then proceed by train to Vietnam to climb on Cat Ba (just found out my friend is dear buddies with Onslo, great). I will spend maybe 1 week in Vietnam, then return to China via train (2nd entry).

After getting back into China, take the train to Shanghai, where I will board the Shanghai-Osaka ferry. I am meeting my brother in Japan to start our trip together. After a week or two in Japan, we will return to Shanghai via the same ferry (3rd entry).

Then we will train to Hong Kong for a family wedding we are attending. Once the wedding is complete, re-enter China for the 4th time and train northbound to Beijing.

I can always scrap Vietnam, but it is very local for this trip. Has anyone gotten a China visa in Hanoi? I have read about problems with issuance for foreigners.

Or a double entry to start, goto Vietnam and get a second double entry (I can't imagine them issuing a double entry, if I still have 1 extra entry remaining. Nor do I want to get a visa in Japan, it's 13000Yen) then blah blah blah.

I have asked around to many Travel Agents in Seoul, and they all claim that you cannot get a multiple entry Tourist Visa. Multiple entries are denoted only for a Business Visa. To be eligible for that, I would require a business invitation from the country, which I do not have.

Anybody else receive a multiple entry Tourist Visa for China?

Sorry to rant and ask a whole slew of questions. But I am trying to figure out options and see what others think.

The Ferry option is just to keep things interesting and costs to a minimum. It's over a period of 3 months, which can get expensive for transportation.