View Full Version : jjimjilbang in sokcho?

01-22-2008, 10:02 PM
(Actually, I've found one close to the bus station. I'm still open to advice about this though)

After staying in Seoul the last few weeks, let's try for a little adventure this time.
I've done all the research:

Seoraksan trip this weekend (Jan 25-27)

1. Leave Friday evening from Gangbyeon bus station (near the office) 8 pm
2. Arrive past midnight, stay in a nice jjimjilbang near the bus station (10 bucks)
3. Start out early and do a nice panoramic hike at Seoraksan
4. Sleep at a mountain shelter, or back to the jjimjilbang if we can't find any
5. Sunday: a short stroll around the town, or more hiking
6. Back in Seoul by about 5 pm

Let me know if you wish to join. You only live once!

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Does anyone know if there is a jjimjilbang in Sokcho (i.e. Seoraksan) I can sleep at, nearby the express bus station? I was thinking about taking the late bus from Seoul on Friday night, and get an early start on Saturday. It would be a reconnaissance mission for an eventual trad. type climb of Ulsanbawi. (remember this thread?)

Sonia? Anyone? I've always heard about the possibility of staying at the jjimjilbangs instead of minbaks; I hope to try it this time.