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01-06-2008, 09:25 PM
Today, most people are masters of the 'web', or as I've recently heard it called 'the google machine'. So there are countless deals to be had on all sorts of outdoor equipment.

For those interested, I've found some pretty amazing sites, that offer some pretty amazing deals on outdoor clothing/equipment and some snowboard'ish equipment.

The premise behind these next two sites, are that they have a limited stock of a certain product. The product sells at (sometimes incredibly) low prices until they sell out, or a set time limit is reached. Then a new item is posted. The catch is, you never know what's showing up next and you can't always keep multiple items in your cart.



Sometimes on popular items, by the time you click 'buy it' and head over to enter your information, the item is already sold out. I've picked up some amazing deals.

Apparently there are many sites with this idea in mind. Here is a tracker where you can track all the information on multiple sites.


I was just discussing it with a friend and thought some others would be interested. It's really really really cheap to ship to the USA, if you happen to live there.