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11-21-2007, 07:57 AM
So my school is planning to hire a few people on their old one year contract (after which, they might offer you their standard 2 year). . . the one year requires 22 hours-- a lot for a Uni-- and all the old people in the office would be at 16, but the pay, I believe, is OK at about 2 million? (I don't think this contract depends on experience) and you do get about 5 months vacation, between summer and winter. I think they might still try to get you one day a week off, but maybe with 22 hours this would be difficult. They'd want you to attend an orientation on Feb 26, then classes start in March.

Needless to say, Jeonju is a national treasure, a city of culture and traditional arts with an International Film Fest, a Hanok Village, good restaurants, etc. It's on the Honam Rail Line and has an Express Bus and Inner-city Terminal (or you might buy my car in the spring?) There's at least one climbing gym-- the fate of a 2nd remains unclear. It's less than 2 hours from Sununsan, Maisan, Mudeungsan and several smaller crags. Two rivers (with walking/bike paths and fitness parks) run through the city and there's E-Mart, Home Plus, Homever and a small import shop, as well as 2 "foreigner bars" More infor at http://thejeonjuhub.googlepages.com.

The people in the office are friendly and helpful; there are more than 20 foreign teachers on staff. You teach mostly Freshmen and Sophmore classes: Conversation, Advanced Conversation, Reading and Writing, Speech and Drama, and Screen English, with some input for preferences. Not many additional duties, but you're required to spend an hour (of your choice, so you fit it in your schedule) in the English Cafe. There is also a climbing wall on campus and several gyms you can use when classes aren't in them.

The school provides a small apartment off campus, or a stipend if you prefer to get your own. They pay health care and part of your pension contributio. No airfare reimbursement. There are opportunities to make money during the break, but sadly the W4mil camps are a thing of the past:( They prefer Christans with MAs, but have made exceptions both ways! Especially if you're working on an MA. Let me know if you're interested or post if you have any questions. While this contract differs some in pay and hours than mine, I have really enjoyed working at Jeonju University these last 3 years! I know many at KOTR are sick of me going on about how much I love my job!