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11-15-2007, 01:57 PM
Hello All,

I currently live in Sokcho and am considering a job in at Taekyeung college in Gyeongsan, just outside of Daegu. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips about this area.

I love Sokcho and Seoraksan, but this opportunity has presented itself. How is the climbing in this area? I have seen some fairly good posts about the climbing walls and outdoor crags. If you have any info regarding climbing or life in the area, I could really use the feedback.

I am no longer a lone climber, I am married with a child (recently born a month ago here in Korea.) So, we are also looking for an area with decent health facilities and even an english speaking population, so my wife (climber and mother now) doesn't go stir crazy taking care of the baby.

This site has always been great for info on Korea, so any input would be helpful. Advice is free! I can choose to take it, but would love to hear your opinion on the area, especially if you live there.

Bryan and Shauna

11-15-2007, 03:37 PM
I don't live in Daegu, but I've been there many times. There's a variety of climbing in the city, from drive up and belay crags to hike in and trad/aid. . . (a search will lead you towards much, and I'd be up for exploring in the Spring). . . As Korea's 3rd city, and most central, you're not far from anything, on the KTX, train lines, airport, several bus terminals, a subway. . . lots of gyms, walls, stores, vegetarian restaurants. . . and hospitals (which unfortunately I've had a chance to sample as a patient and friend of patient!!)

that said, it has neither the culture of Seoul or the coast of Busan, but if the job gives you more time for family and climbing and better benefits. . . there are/have been many KOTRers living there (though many have since left) and planning a get together has brought out a dozen or so more on several occasions. There's also plenty of places within 2 hours.

If you do go. . . I'd really love a partner with extra days off during the spring. . . for trad, multi-pitch in the region . . . and I hear you might be good for that. . . in exchange, I will BABYSIT gladly during the rainy spring times so you and your wife can have some climbing (or otherwise) dates!

If you don't go. . . I also need someone for Seoraksan:)

11-16-2007, 12:41 AM
Well Skinsk,

Seen many of your replies and this is not the first time we have spoke on these forums. We'd love to catch up and meet sometime, rumor has it your in Chuncheon. I've been wanting to do some climbing there before we leave. Any thing good or worth the two hour drive! Will be heading out that way on our way home, I personally love the cold winter days for hard sport climbing or even a nice windy winter afternoon to rattle the trad mentality. Let me know what your up for.

If we don't catch up before we leave Dec. 4th for the holidays, we'll definitly get together in Daegu.


11-17-2007, 09:06 AM

Actually, I'm in Jeonju. . . quite a bit more southernly, though I thought Chuncheon was quite nice, and if I wasn't Jeolla I'd be Kangwon!

I'm heading out about the 21st, back in March:eek8: but hopefully by then the weather's fine!:suspiciou