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Province Name: Gyeonggi-Do
City Name: Seoul
Type of Area: Gyms

Basement Bouldering Gym. It's fairly good sized (compared to some i've seen). Bouldering only. The owners don't speak much english. They have only a monthly charge of 65,000W. I think this is more for their club fee, but i didn't ask.
OPEN: 1pm-11pm MON-SAT

SEOUL CLIMBING CLUB near Jamsil (or Chamsil) Green Subway line #2 (its the stop at lotte world). To get there go out of the subway by EXIT #1. Walk about 10 meters or so to the bus stop and get on ANY of the GREEN buses. Get off on the SECOND stop. Another 5-10 meters in front of the bus stop on the right side of the road will be an alley. Turn right and the gym is in the basement of the second or third building on the left side of the alley. You should see several signs.

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Comment added by heavyd on April 10th, 2008
Some of this info has changed a little. The monthly cost is now 70,000 and the hours are from 9am till 11pm. If they are not there between those hours, you just have to call up the owner and he will come open it up. The guy I was talking to(owner? he refered to it has his gym) seemed to speak English pretty well.

Comment added by kelly on October 27th, 2009
I just signed up for a membership and it was 70,000 so that number is still current. It is 10,000 for a day.

The gym is roughly 30 feet wide and 60 feet long with vertical (90 degree) walls progressing into about 35 degree areas. All levels climb there although most seem beginning to intermediate. They offer climbing classes (in Korean), but the owner (and instructor) speaks broken English and has a lot of good tips. I am not taking the class, but he still offered some good pointers and free help. I am used to bigger gyms that have everything and this is not that. It is going to be good for me to climb here because everyone seems to climb hard and still manage a diverse workout with the limited space.

To get there I found out that one of the green buses does not go to the gym (contrary to the above directions) so something must have changed. Green Buses # 3414, 3315, 3313, 3216 all go there and back from the stop across the street from where you get dropped off.