Oo Ahm Mountain View Full Version of Oo Ahm Mountain

Province Name: Chungcheongbuk-Do
City Name: Cheongju
Type of Area: Bouldering

A few boulders

In downtown Cheongju just look for the nearest biggest mountain and go to it. There is a TV tower on top.

Safety Concerns
Look out for Koreans offering soju.

take a pad and a smile

Additional Comments
A spring at many locations on the mountain.. well more a big hill.
Busy days.. na...
shade.. yep.
my opinion. don't come here if you are far away. only a few problems as I can tell.

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Comment added by skinsk on June 8th, 2006
If you're coming from Seoul's Nambu bus terminal, here's the schedule 05/31/06


Comment added by skinsk on March 18th, 2007
Busses 841-846 bring you to the Myeong-am side of Uamsan. . . this is better for bouldering. . . these busses don't run to the inner-city/express bus terminals, on the other side of town. You'll have to catch one at the City Gymnasium! Regular city busses (as of 03/07 were W850).

Not many boulders behind Bohynsa (temple), Cheongju University or on the N-facing slope. Spotter is recommended! Some of those landings. . .