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Photo - TAGY Climbing Center - Cheongju - gyms (Click title for image URL)
Photo of TAGY Climbing Center
TAGY Climbing Center
Added by: tagymania    Views: 2833

Image Description
"Be happy with TAGY".Opened in spring 2004, It's best place for climbers. You can meet climbing, people and culture!! TAGY(타기) means climbing in Korean. It's easy to say. The TAGY Climbing Center is a fairly large and clean bouldering gym(330㎡)about 12 different walls of varying sizes. It has tons of various climbing holds with Metolius fingerboard. It has general fitness room, 3 treadmills, stretching area, locker and shower/change rooms. 정수기 (water purifier) and sink - so if you like to wash your hands off periodically, there's a sink literally right in the climbing area and lovely resting area for rest and reading books(There are many English magazines and climbing/mountaineering books). Everyone here is friendly and enjoyable. They usually organize weekend trips when the weather is good. The owner's name is Miyoung Jeong.She can speak/teach climbing in English. she is also friendly and helpful to her gym members. She would like to meet foreign climbers in her gym because she spends much time there. -------------------------------------------------------------------- OPEN: ᆞMonday - Friday : 2pm ~ 11pm ᆞSaturday: 2pm~ 6pm PRICE: ᆞRegular: 80,000(1 Month) 220,000(3 Months) ᆞDaily: 15,000 ᆞRental shoes are available(Included daily fee) Homepage:http://cafe.daum.net/tagymania Directions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's located at the roadside and very near "Bangseo intersection". Walk 100m towads "Air Force Academy" from "Bangseo intersection" then you will see on your left. she recommands to take a taxi and show the address(방서동 206-1 or 방서동 대머리해장국 옆). Cheongju is small city so, you can go anywhere with less than 10,000 won. This gym is located near Sannam-dong, bumpyeong-dong, Youngam-dong, Geumcueon-dong , Youngum-dong and Sugok-dong.

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