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Wonju Artificial Climbing Wall
Submitted on May 21st, 2006 by skinsk Type: Artificial Walls    Province: Gangwon-Do    City: Wonju   
 photo Overhanging 10m wide X 15m high; lit up into the night. Amenities near by and plenty of shaded picnic areas.... [Read More]

Yong-chu Gugok - Autumn Dragon Valley
Submitted on February 6th, 2006 by CHOI BAWI Type: Ice Climbs    Province: Gangwon-Do    City: Chuncheon   

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Add photos of Yong-chu Gugok - Autumn Dragon Valley
Yong-chu is an artificial ice wall at which probably more than ten routes can be set up safely, depending on the season and grounds-keeper. Depending on the route, the routes vary from 25M to 45M.... [Read More]

Submitted on October 10th, 2006 by skinsk Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Gangwon-Do    City: Chuncheon   
 photo Beautiful and remote setting in Northern Kangwondo. . . not so far from the North Korean border. . .Nice granite; lots of friction but some loose bits and hollow sounding flakes.

Saenam and Jangsu Bawis (the main formations) offer 16 routes up to 5 pitches from 5.7 (easiest P1 is 5.8) to 5.12; also some aid. There's a stellar 11b roof on the right 3 pitches up!! (Almost worth it to come for this; you could easily rap to the start from the hiking trail that goes around to the summit. Wicked exposure and views. Routes to 130 meters.

Routes... [Read More]

Submitted on October 11th, 2006 by skinsk Type: Rock Climbs    Province: Gangwon-Do    City: Sokcho   
 photo Another fine granite peak easily accessed from Bisandae Mountain Shelter less than an hour from the main entrance to Seoraksan. This peak, slightly behind and left of the General (Janggunbong) offers multipitch routes of a high quality. Most of the development has been recent, while 1981 saw climbers on the SW face, there was a wave of development in 2004 and 2 new routes in 2006, just right of the ridge on the N face) put in by Kolon Climbing School and well-known climbers, including Go Mi-young. Ireukgongcheon is a 10d 7 pitch, well bolted ex... [Read More]

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