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Pohang Wall Submitted on June 11th, 2005 by supertopoz Print
Type: Artificial Walls Province: Gyeongsangbuk-Do City: Pohang
Views: 10412 Photos: 6 Photo(s) - Add Photos Maps: 1 Image(s) - Add Images

This is the biggest man made climbing wall in Korea. It over hangs massivily is 20 meters higher but has 30 meters length due to the it's over hanging nature.
I would say of world cup size and standard.

Catch a taxi from the Bus terminal to the soccer stadium.

Walk around the outside of the stadium until you see it

Additional Comments

Comment added by Goodie on January 8th, 2006
If you are driving from anywhere north of Pohang, take the 20hwy into Pohang. Follow the signs for the Pohang train station. Once at the train station take a left at the intersection. Follow that road until you come to a Five way intersection. Once there take a 90 degree right hand turn ( I say 90 degree because there is also a right turn that take off at a 45). keep on that road until you pass a BMW dealership on your right hand side. At the next intersection take a left and follow that road until you see the Sports complex on your right hand side.

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