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Hwacheon Ice Park Submitted on May 21st, 2014 by jhalpin Print
Type: Ice Climbs Province: Gangwon-Do City: Chuncheon
Park: n/a Rating: 2 - 3 Views: 9277
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Climb ice north of the 38th parallel! 60m of vertical ice created by pumping water from the river. A 30m high section on the climber's left. There is a stairway to the top for creating top rope anchors. Pretty far from Seoul so it is a lot less crowded than Pandae. Cool roadblocks on the drive there all set to blow in the event of an invasion.

From Seoul:
Take Hwy 60 east toward Chuncheon. Exit at Hwy 55 north (also toward Chuncheon). From Chuncheon, take Hwy 5 north toward Hwacheon. From Hwacheon take local road 461 east to road 460 north. Stop when you see ice!

Google Map Co-ordinates: 38.124292, 127.76029

Safety Concerns
Pretty safe. There is a stairway to the top for setting up top rope anchors. The belay area is far back from the ice so the belayer won't get clobbered by falling ice.

Gear to Bring
Slings, cordelettes, and biners for building anchors to trees. Two 60m ropes.

Additional Comments
In the sun for most of the day.
This has also been posted as Yong-chu Gugok - Autumn Dragon Valley.

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