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Mungyeong Submitted on June 12th, 2004 by Kanzianiberg Print
Type: Artificial Walls Province: Gyeongsangbuk-Do City: Mungyeong
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This is an artificial wall !!Mostly overhanging, about 15m high and ca. 15m long. Might be a good alternative if it's raining.

It' located south of Mungyeon-eup right next to the river. Mungyeon is separated in two parts, Mungyeon-eup is the north part. If you are coming from the north follow the signs to the City Hall and about 1km after the town end you will see the site on the left side at the bridge. There is a very nice looking rock next to it that appears to be a perfect climbing spot, but if you come close you will notice that this one is plastic !?

Additional Comments
Picknick area right at the bottom. Not far from Mungyeon Fling Land for Paragliding and Hanggliding.

Comment added by Eric on June 13th, 2004
Is this wall bolted? Can you lead climb on it?

Comment added by Kanzianiberg on June 20th, 2004
It's bolted and the number of routes depends on the various colors of holds you use. Lead climbing should be fun, and it might even be possible to walk to the top (but I think the walk on the side is more dangerous than a lead climb) and top rope the routes.

Comment added by Eric on June 29th, 2004
After seeing the photos of this great looking place I decided to go check it out. Here's what I found out...

First of all Mungyeong is a confusing place. There is Mungyeong City, Mungyeong Hot Springs and Mungyeong Sae Jae National Park. The artificial wall is located in Mungyeong Oncheon(Mungyeong Hot Springs) resort area. Mungyeong Oncheon is about 12km north of Mungyeong City and 8km south of Mungyeong Sae Jae National Park. Just get yourself to Mungyeong Oncheon Hotel, the largest one in the area, and look across the river and you will see this wall.

After we got ourselves to the wall I decided to warm-up on the easiest looking route. Before I even got to the first bolt no less than 4 holds had spun on me. Once at the first bolt, standing on one spinning hold with the next bolt 2 meters away, I decided to just set up a top rope and skip the sketch lead.

I walked around to the back of the structure to find access to the top so I could set up my top rope. No access! On the back side there is a 10 foot vertical wall of sculpted, artificial rock and a fence at the top. Note: The wall is climbable but be careful!!! It's NOT solid. I was able to carefully get myself up this wall without too many sweat bullets. After you get to the top you can set up your top ropes, but be careful!

The anchors were strange and I didn't know exaclty how to use them. Basically there was a huge "i" screw put into the top of the wall. Attached to the screw was a small, looped piece of steel cable. And attached to the cable was one hanger. If anyone knows the idea behind these, please tell. I decided to set-up a top rope off of 2 of the "i" screws.

About leading here, even the most overhung routes are quite run-out! The holds are small, which is nice, but the overhangs seem to be missing bolts in the crucial sections. Maybe I just like my bolts a little too much...

As of today, the majority of the holds spin making life on the sharp end that much more intense. The surrounding area is beautiful! Nice hotels if you want to make a weekend of it. We did see 3 guys who looked like they were invested in the wall taking a look the spinning holds. Maybe they will be tightened soon.

This place has tons of potential but currently it needs some work!

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