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Ganhyun Submitted on May 24th, 2004 by kogooma Print
Type: Rock Climbs Province: Gangwon-Do City: Wonju
Park: n/a Rating: 5.5 - 5.13 Style: Sport
Views: 23197 Photos: 40 Photo(s) - Add Photos Maps: 6 Image(s) - Add Images

The limestone at this crag varies from exceptionally nice to merely climbable. Lots of small huecos and finger pockets. If you've been to Sununsan, then you'd find the routes here similar (except not as long and generally not as steep). There are a good few multipitch climbs here and enough grade variations to hold an interest for everyone. Although I've encountered quite a few spinning bolts at this place, the Koreans who climb here seem to have no trouble taking whips on them with no ill effect.

I imagine there are buses that run from Wonju to Ganhyeon, but don't hold me to this. A twenty-five minute taxi ride would do the trick if a bus wasn't possible. Another option is to take the train to Wonju. There's a stop right outside the gate entrance to Ganhyeon, and following a ten minute walk into the parg grounds, you'll find yourself at the crag.

Safety Concerns
I've come across spinning bolts, some rusted bolts on climbs that don't see much traffic anymore, and some anchors on which the closing gate are missing. Generally, however, most of the bolts are solid. I've never witnessed an instance of rockfall here, although you may want to be concerned with Koreans from nearby routes falling on you while you're hauling yourself up that mono-pocketed crimpy sketch show.

Gear to Bring
Besides a rope and a rack of about 12 draws, the main thing you want to rememeber to bring to this place is patience... at least if you're interested in climbing one of the most popular routes at the prime area. There are a few climbs there I'd deem worth the wait, but fear not, if you're lacking in patience there's plenty of other areas at this place to keep everyone happy.

Additional Comments
There are places to camp right across the river from the main crag, if you can stand the nearby trains, and the late night norae-bongs. Earplugs would be useful for those that sleep lightly. There are also a tonne of minboks, restaurants, restrooms and snack shops.

Comment added by kogooma on May 27th, 2004
i managed to dig up a website that has topos for all the routes in ganhyeon.


the first climbing area shown is the most popular part of the crag, with climbs 5 through 20 seeing lots of traffic on weekends.

happy climbing!

Comment added by Eric on May 31st, 2004
This place is a ton of fun, but I agree, the most important thing to bring (at least on a Sunday) is patience. We were able to climb the routes on the left but waited in vain for the ones on the right.

Question: Do the quickdraws on routes 5-15 live there?

Comment added by kogooma on May 31st, 2004
there are a few quickdraws that haven't moved off some of the overganging routes (i'm thinking of routes 12-15), but only near the bottom. generally, it seems that whoever climbs one of the more high end routes first, leaves their draws up there until the end of the day.

another important piece of beta that i forgot to mention is the huge topo map of the crag that can be found right at the base of the main crag. it's pretty much identical to the topos on the website i referred to earlier, and are quite useful for getting familiarized with the area.

Comment added by skinsk on May 11th, 2005
Bus 52 from Wonju Station or Nambu Market (and other stops, though not the bus station) goes to Kanhyon Station. There's a bus stop ib front of the resort as well; busses to Mun-mak, though I don't know the numbers, make infrequent stops there.

There are hotels, min-baks and camping/bivy options at Kan-hyon, though on weekends and holidays, MTs (Membership Training, essentially, drinking and bonding trips for university students-- think: LOUD) are held here often. Camping by the furthest train bridge on either side of the river is an option (a few trains run nightly; earplugs are not available on site, but are a good idea!).

Despite the group trips by Korean Gyms, if you show up, you'll surely be offered belays, lunch, etc. Take the time to observe how potential partners belay. There is some loose rocks, and I've seen pebbles to blocks come off. Consider a helmet; a good number of Koreans as well as foreigners do.

Comment added by rich on May 12th, 2005
Take subway line #4 to Cheongnyangni train station. Go up the stairs, buy either round trip or 1 way tickets to Ganhyun Station.

During the 2 hour ride to Ganhyun you can catch up on much needed sleep from the SOJU party the night before you got the wild hair to go climbing.

Leaving Ganhyun station, turn left on the street, walk 15 minutes (major check point is a two way tunnel) to the park.

Pay a fee of 1,400 Won at the gate,(prices may have gone up)then proceed an additional 15 or 20 minutes into the park.

The best advise is to set up your tent (or SWAG for the Australians) far far away from the climbing area as you can. During the Korean vacation season the party is non-stop & the noise horrible. But the good thing about it- we've been invited to eat & drink at just about every tent we walked by

There are wash rooms & showers with Cold water available. Awesome way to wake up!!!

Lastly- Its best to climb on Friday & saturday. Sunday gets over crowded at Ganhyun & not worth waiting in a cue for a 5-8 or 5-9.

[email protected]


Comment added by punchy on November 12th, 2005
new bolts and anchors are littered all over this crag now. you can now enjoy the peace of mind of clipping a nice new shiny hanger over that old rusty spinning sketch clip that was there before.


Comment added by rockboy on April 9th, 2006
What's there?

sport climbing, one main and four smaller walls. Grades from 5.6-5.13a/b.

How do you get there?

Go to Cheongnyangni station (청량리역), line 1, exit 4 and turn right at the top of the stairs and walk to the main station 100m. Buy a ticket to Ganhyeon (간현) W5,300 each way.

What times do they leave?

Friday night 7pm or 10pm arrives at 9:02pm and 11:39pm respectively.
Sat morning: 6:50am or 12pm arrives at 8:55am and 1:49pm respectively.

What times do they come back?

coming back at 4:52 pm or 7:32pm arriving in Seoul at 7:12pm or 9:12pm.

What do you need?

Shoes, harness, rope, Chalkbag, 10-12 quickdraws. A couple of routes (mostly the multipitch ones) need some friends friends, Check it out at;

Comment added by skinsk on April 6th, 2007
4/2007 train info to Kanhyon Station from Cheongnyangni (E Seoul)

train# depart arrive

1601 06:50-08:48
1635 12:00-13:31
1609 15:00-16:35
1625 19:00-20:49
1641 22:40-00:08

1626 06:01-07:57
1632 09:01-10:36
1634 11:56-13:31
1601 16:35-18:31
1640 18:58-20:28

fares are W5,800 or W4,900 if you're late and have to stand (not so much fun after a day of climbing)

Comment added by skinsk on September 10th, 2007
the times they are a'changin'

and like the classic dylan song, the train timetable to/from kanhyon has changed just since my update in april!

they are (cheongnyangni station-kanhyon resort station 청량리-간현): train#/dep/arrival
#1601/0700/0900 #1635/1200/1340 #1609/1500/1645 #1625/1900/2054 #1641/2240/0017

returning to cheongnyangni from kanhyon:
#1626/0621/0820 #1632/0913/1055 #1634/1150/1334 #1608/1632/1828 #1640/1904/2041

Comment added by jsp1001 on May 2nd, 2008
Additional comments about getting to Ganhyeon from Seoul:

1. Train. There are two stations named Cheongnyangni on line #1. You have to get to the "above ground" one (지상). It is the one which is one stop north of Wangsimni station.
When buying tickets, ask for "Ganhyeon." It's one stop before Wonju, a major city. Only a couple of trains each day stop at Ganhyeon. The first train is at 7:00 a.m. To make it to Cheongnyangni on time for this, you have to be at Wangsimni by at least 6:30 (for some reason, this route has very infrequent subway trains). Try to buy return tickets in advance (normally 7 p.m. Ganhyeon to Seoul), because on busy weekends you may have to stand otherwise.
1a. If you miss the 7 a.m. train, take the next train to Wonju (in about an hour), walk out of the station and go to the bus stop near the convenience store (don't cross to the other side of the street); look for the bus to 간현. It will take about 30 min.

2. Bus. You can take a bus to Wonju. I know that the East Seoul Bus Station has buses to Wonju, leaving frequently. On the way there, ask the driver to let you off at Munmak 문막. He'll stop by the side of the highway. You go down the stairs, and you'll see large signs for call taxis. Call one of them, and tell them where you are. It's not just "Munmak" (it's a large town), but a specific place (I forget the exact name). So read the Korean sign carefully. It says "You are at xxxx." Call the number and tell them this place. A taxi will come under five minutes, and you'll be at Ganhyeon for about $5 cab fare. This is the preferred route to Ganhyeon for some climbers.
If you don't get off at Munmak, you'll have to transfer to a bus from Wonju to Ganhyeon, see #1a above.

Comment added by jsp1001 on May 2nd, 2008
Corrections/Additions to the above:

**the train station Cheongnyangni is actually on the Jungang Line, not line #4 or line #1. I think it used to be called line #1, but they changed the name to Jungang Line to avoid confusion

**if you live in the South or East of Seoul, it might be better to get the train at Deokso station (end of the Jungang Line)

**they recently reduced the train schedule so that only three trains stop at Ganhyeon per day, either Seoul-bound or Wonju bound: approx. 7 am, noon, and 7 pm. The 4 pm train doesn't stop there anymore.

**the bus number that takes you from Wonju train station to Ganhyeon is, to the best of my knowledge, #52, as mentioned by Sonia's post above

Comment added by dan13 on April 8th, 2009
-if you take the bus to munmak from seoul, here's the number you need to get a taxi after you get off the bus and you're like now the hell what....


-they come pretty quick about 5 mins. later...

-it's about 5,000 or 6,000won to ganhyeon

Comment added by arvi1222 on September 17th, 2012
Does anyone know if there are still trains from Cheongnyangni to Ganhyeon? I tried to find them online without any luck.

Comment added by chersland on April 21st, 2016
From Seoul, the train from Cheongnyangni (청량리) to Wonju stops at Donghwa (동화), which is the stop closest to the crag. This is the most convenient way to get to the crag by train.
From Donghwa station, you can either take a bus or a cab to the Ganhyeon park. It seems like bus number 58 would be the correct one to take. A cab might take you all the way into the park, so you can potentially avoid the 10-15 minute hike on a flat paved road.

Comment added by Earl on October 8th, 2017
Almost all of the anchors, bolts, and hangars have been replaced with stainless steel hardware. However, there are a small number of bad bolts that still remain and you won't see them until you are high up on the climb. They are rusted completely through and would never hold a fall. If memory serves me correctly, there were a couple of these bolts on the corner route adjacent to the popular 10 routes that have the juggy roof pulls.

Comment added by alpingoat on March 4th, 2018
Didn't climb, but we were near the area and stopped to check it out. This is a well developed crag. Hardware looked good and the local climbers seemed to follow internationally recognized standards, unlike other areas here. I've posted a photo of the route beta posted at the crag.

GPS Address for parking lot: 강원 원주시 지정면 소금산길 21
Crag coordinates: 37.368630, 127.823793

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