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EugeumNi Bawi Submitted on March 10th, 2006 by CHOI BAWI Print
Type: Bouldering Province: Chungcheongnam-Do City: Asan
Park: n/a Rating: V0 - V5 Views: 4009
Photos: 1 Photo(s) - Add Photos Maps: No Maps - Add Images    

Quartzite-Granite. Numerous routes. Alpine style crack, face traverse climbs. Maximum approximate height: 10M. Maximum length: ~35M

Highway 39 from Asan toward Inju Myeon. Notice the large bulletin board to left; but must loop back and to cross other side of road. Follow signs. No more than a hundred meters from Buddhist Temple.

Safety Concerns
Chossy rock common for unclimbed area.

Additional Comments
Plenty of trees and makes for a nice picnic spot. No stores nearby.

Comment added by EODxBadaboom on August 12th, 2012
Does anyone have better directions? Couldn't find it. Drove all up and down Hwy 39.

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