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Stone and Ax (store + gym) Submitted on February 12th, 2006 by jademonkey Print
Type: Gyms Province: Gyeongsangbuk-Do City: Daegu
Phone: unavailable URL: unavailable Address: chil-gok area
Views: 6856 Photos: 2 Photo(s) - Add Photos Maps: 1 Image(s) - Add Images

stone and ax sells rediculously expensive equipment. But in the basement has a pretty good climbing facitlity. The owners are really nice!

40, 000 month
ceiling height approx 15
1x 90 degree
1x 60
1x 80

The local climbers are a great bunch and they frequently organize outdoor climbing events.


Downtown Deagu
XN Milano. area.

Get onto the same side of the road as the Outback steak house. Facing the steak house, make right, look for the bus stop which bus 704 stops at ( i think its like 3 bus shelters from the front of outback).

The ride from downtown to get to Stone and Ax should take between 25-30 mins. It will be on the left side of the road, just up the street from Pizza Hut. The gym in nestled between a bunch of clothing retailers including : Puma, K2, KSWISS francises. Next to the Stone Ax sign, is a 3D sign reading "climbing center", with a manican climbing on the signs exterior.

The actual address of the shop/gym:

Stone X Outdoor
961-13 Taejun-Dong, Buck-Gu
Daegu city

Comment added by tigreye2000 on October 7th, 2007
Nice little gym, and cheap! The store has changed - it's now a Millet climbing center. Now, only W 10,000 per month. It's up in Chilgok, near Taejeon-gyo (bridge) as the directions state. It's a short walk from the Chilgok Dong-A Department Store also.

Comment added by cyphecks on October 7th, 2008
The gym has changed names yet again - now it is in the basement of a Kolon sporting goods store. The monthly fee is 40K and its 5K for just the day. It is still sandwiched between a KSwiss and K2 store, about a five minute walk from the Dong-A store back in the direction of downtown.

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