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Rocky Trango Artificial Ice Park Submitted on February 6th, 2006 by CHOI BAWI Print
Type: Ice Climbs Province: Gangwon-Do City: Chuncheon
Park: n/a Rating: 3 - 6 Views: 9494
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This artificial ice wall was initially sponsored by Trango a few years ago. It is roughly 40M plus in length. There are trees and the sort to fix you anchors.

Take Highway 46 from Seoul to Gapyeong. At the Gapyeong four-way intersection, take a left and head toward Mokdong. At the Mokdong three-way intersection, stay straight and stay left in the direction of the Hwa-Ak Tunnel. Just behind "Rockies Pension" is the artificial ice fall.

You can take the Chuncheon bound bus from the Dong Seoul or Sangbong bus terminals and from the Gapyeong Bus terminal, take the Mokdong bound bus and get off at the Mokdong tunnel and call the owner.

You can take Bus 1330 from Cheongryangri to the Gapyeong Mokdong Tunnel, get off and call the owner and he will pick you up. However, I think this is under the impression that you will stay at his hotel.

Check out the attached map.

Safety Concerns
No major safety concerns aside from the normal busy crowds.

Gear to Bring
Bring two 50M plus ropes for top-roping. Jumars are helpful while belaying someone, too. Long slings and the lot.

Additional Comments
Because this is an artificial ice wall, be sure to contact them and make sure that they've been in the process of forming the ice.

There is a large gravel parking lot to camp at and a few small stores up the road from the ice wall.

The owner, Gong Ji-hwan(a.k.a. Kevin). spent a fair amount of time in Canada and his English is very exceptional.


Comment added by Eric on February 13th, 2006
Directions & stuff:

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