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Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

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Sector-B bouldering & Shop

Photo of Sector-B bouldering & Shop I've climbed in various gyms in NJ, NY, CA
This must be one of the best bouldering gyms ever!

- Cost: KRW 25,000 per day(weekend), 20,000(weekday). Check out their FB or website for monthly membership and class schedule

- Opening hours: close at 11PM. I see some people hang out even after operating hours.

- Staff: routesetter Mr. Kim is an internationally well-known routesetter and strong climber also. He knows how to set the bouldering routes using lots of volume and sloper holds to make you excited. He speaks good English and provides spotting for your highball trial and beta for your project. I know he also offers class for beginner or intermediate level of climbers for better climbing.

- Vibe: this gym is one of the most friendly gyms ever!. Bouldering is better for camaraderie by spotting and sharing beta than route climbing gym, especially usual climbing gym for endurance in Korea

- size: it has 3 showerrooms, plenty of cabinets, gx room for stretching, yoga or core exercise. also manager here is roadbike fanatic so he has indoor bicycle traininer which can help you slim down!

- height: height of wall looks higher than in other gyms that you've been in Korea because wall is definitely higher(about 4.5m) however, probs here have top-out moves so that the wall's height looks taller because of high ceiling! Top out move is safe and easy. It just gives you the feeling of topping out in real boulder. It has extra gigantic size of crashpads which can reduce your falling distance! just don't be freaked out by the height.

- Rental: Sector b has all line for rental for climbing. Shoes, Chalk bucket

- etc: this gym doesn't have many pro douches. so you will not get embarassed by pro-ish climbers who focus on endurance training hanging on the wall forever. This gym is for fun bouldering which you are looking for!

- holds: manager regularly washes holds very cleanly so you won't see any black rubber stained holds here. Owner invested alot to get various type of holds. I recognized it has Element, Soill, Teknik, and other European brands which I've never touched before.

- wall: it has 80 degree slab(awesome!!), vertical and overhang!

- it has own facebook page. check out "sector-b"
Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing





Artificial Outdoor Walls

Artificial Outdoor Walls

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